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The VideoRay Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is by far the most popular and effective underwater investigation tool for Law Enforcement applications. Hundreds of VideoRays have been used by local, state, and regional authority in the United States and most other countries around the world. They are the standard unit for the United States Coast Guard, deployed at all units equipped with underwater technology.

VideoRay ROVs are the perfect tool to inspect an area of interest or recover lost items within a reasonable local area search (about 300 m² / 1,000 ft²) For larger areas, side scan sonar is often used first, and then VideoRays are used for closer visual inspection of identified targets. The use of VideoRay ROVs instead of divers or assisting divers means that the mission can be accomplished much more quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. Most VideoRay searches use imaging sonar technology and there are many reported instances where VideoRay-equipped teams located objects – often drowning victims – in hours where dive teams have searched unsuccessfully for days or weeks.


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