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October 3, 2016 - VideoRay ROVs Keep Indiana DNR Safe in Four Separate Drowning Victim Recoveries

Each deployment this year was successful in rapid underwater location of victim, giving families closure without risk to divers

IndyStar today released an extensive report on the benefits of VideoRay ROV systems in use by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Jim Hash of the DNR recounted that the systems found victims in hours, where before, with human divers, searches took days and were dangerous to the divers. In fact, in Indiana alone, two divers perished in training accidents.

"These are dives that require heavy exertion in zero-visibility water with entanglement risks," said Fishers Fire Chief Steve Orusa, a diver for 30 years who authored a training manual on the subject. "If you can use sonar, boat-based or on a remotely operated vehicle, now you have the ability to keep the divers out of the water."

See Office Hash describe his use of system in his own words

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