Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

The VideoRay Pro 4 main wide dynamic range color camera is located in the forward pressure hull of the ROV.  The forward camera tilts vertically 160º - within the range of the LED lighting so every subject is illuminated no matter where it is viewed from.  The camera offers a standard definition image at roughly 570 lines of resolution as well as wide dynamic range and backlight compensation to give you the most detailed pictures even in difficult lighting situations. The camera is optimized for underwater use and offers 0.004 lux low-light sensitivity by including automatic or manual switching between color and black and white modes.

There are more than 20 user controllable settings in the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV camera that can be managed from the control panel including digital slow shutter, digital zoom, and white balance.  The Pro 4 can be equipped with either a PAL or NTSC camera depending on which video format you require.

Digital recording of still images and video is built into the control panel and can be executed with the push of a button from the hand controller.  Images and video are recorded in digital format directly onto the Pro 4 computer (or an assigned external hard drive), ready for nonlinear editing, online album sharing, or DVD authoring.

VideoRay also offers externally mountable High Definition (HD) camera set-ups ranging from cost-effective, compressed HD video recorded at the source to fully uncompressed fiber-optically transmitted 1080p in just about every professional format available.  Our goal is to gather the needs of the shooter and deliver the most effective HD rig for the job.