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Time for VideoRay’s annual “Best of VideoRay” Photo Contest! We hope you are having a fantastic 2018 and continue to have endless successes with your VideoRay ROV. The year is halfway over and we are excited to see what you are doing with your VideoRay! We are asking all VideoRay operators to send us your favorite mission pictures from 2018 for inclusion in our "Best of VideoRay 2018" photo gallery which will be posted on our website.

This year, we are doing something a bit different. We are accepting two different categories…which means you could have double the chances to win! We will have a Pro 4 and earlier systems category and a Mission Specialist Series category. You are able to submit photos for BOTH categories.

Please send us up to three (3) high-resolution VideoRay ROV mission images from 2018 - image can be above or below the water surface, with or without an ROV pilot in the image. We want to see your ROV in action! Give us a peek into what you do with your ROV.

The top ten (10) images (as determined by VideoRay) will be included in the 2018 VideoRay Calendar which will be distributed in early 2018. The Grand Prize for best photo is a VideoRay Jacket. The runner-up will receive a VideoRay Fleece. All relevant submissions will receive a VideoRay t-shirt.

All images submitted will be displayed on www.videoray.com in the "Best of VideoRay 2018" photo gallery, with full photo credits and a link back to your respective website, Facebook page, etc. 

VideoRay ROV Photo Submission Requirements:

  • Photo must include a VideoRay ROV submersible or operator/console (with a VideoRay logo clearly visible if possible)
  • Photo must be a high-resolution color image (as high-res as possible, must print to a decent size at 300 dpi to be considered for the print publication)
  • Include a caption that includes photographers name, date the image was taken, ROV pilot, and brief mission description
  • Images cannot be retouched or "Photoshopped"
  • If submitter did not take the image, permission and credit from original photographer is required
  • Image must be jpg, png, tif or pdf format
  • Photo must have been taken in the last year.
  • Must be submitted by December 3, 2018 for consideration


Click here to view our winners from last year.