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Gilgeous Diving Services Uses VideoRay Pro and Mercury Scanning Sonar

At Underwater Intervention, VideoRay and Stenmar Sonavision Ltd. announced today that Stenmar’s new, ultra compact “Mercury” scanning sonar and Minerva surface control unit have been integrated with the VideoRay Pro II ROV (remotely operated vehicle). Gilgeous Diving Services of Liverpool, England, has successfully used the Mercury guided Video Ray Pro II on three recent projects. VideoRay can be seen in booth 543 and Stenmar Sonavision in booth 225 B at the Underwater Intervention conference at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.

For one project, Gilgeous used the VideoRay to locate and record the wreckage of a private aircraft lost some years ago in the Moray Firth area. Gilgeous is also using the VideoRay for an ongoing project in the North Sea sector.

Barely the size of a soda can (79mm diameter by 140mm long), the Mercury is the world’s smallest frequency tuneable 360-degree scanning sonar and weighs only 1.2 kg (0.4 kg in water). Tuneable in 1 KHz steps from 600 to 1200 KHz, Mercury can locate long-range obstacles up to 100m and high-resolution capabilities for short ranges. Mercury comes in three housings and depth ratings: 300m with a plastic housing; 1000-3000m in a stainless steel housing; and 6000m in a titanium housing. This makes it ideal for use on the VideoRay and smaller observation class ROVs and AUVs, yet powerful enough for larger observation and work class vehicles.

Gilgeous Diving Services uses the VideoRay because it is less intrusive than a diver and can be used in sensitive areas such as archaeological surveys and fish farming, in addition to in pipelines, culverts, ship hull inspections, water and chemical tanks, polluted waterways, wreck location and surveys, and on deep dives. The company reports that is uses the VideoRay as an observer and sentinel for divers working or decompressing in the water.

Brian Gilgeous, managing director of Gilgeous Diving, says, “Mercury is an extremely impressive sonar with stunning performance at long and close ranges. Combining it with the powerful, compact VideoRay Pro II provides me with one of the highest performing small ROV packages on the market and enables me to work quickly under extremely challenging conditions.”

The VideoRay system was supplied by and is supported by the UK agent Atlantas Marine (www.atlantasmarine.com).

Since its launch a few months ago, more than 25 Mercury sonars have been supplied to a broad range of ROV, AUV, and military clients for applications including ROV surveying, mine detection, and detonation work. Stenmar is also developing a diver hand held version of Mercury.

About Stenmar Sonavision Ltd
Stenmar Sonavison Ltd is a leading provider of underwater products and services for the oil & gas and fishing sectors as well as research institutes and military and naval forces. They manufacture a wide range of world-class underwater products, including scanning and obstacle avoidance sonars, through water communication, seabed classification systems and camera systems. Stenmar also provides ROV hire, sub sea trials and precision engineering services. Through overseas offices and approved agents, Stenmar currently works with over 47 countries worldwide. For further information visit www.stenmar.com

About Gilgeous Diving Services Ltd
Gilgeous Diving Services, a professional diving company, offers a range of services to clients in a diverse range of projects and industries. The company is involved in marine civil engineering ships husbandry, inspection underwater welding and cutting, for a range of clients including marine civil engineers, dock and harbour authorities, power stations and petro chemical plants.