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Thickness Gauge from Cygnus Instruments Specially Designed for VideoRay Pro ROV

cygnus Gauge Proven Inside the USS Arizona Redesigned for Easy Mounting on 8-Pound ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

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Dress and Remains Videoed by VideoRay; ROV Advances 1929 Mystery in Lake Crescent

bones Searches with Remotely-Operated Vehicle Capture Detailed Video Footage in Submerged 1927 Chevrolet; Observes Suspected De-Calcified Bones

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VideoRay Swimming Video Camera Explores B-29 Bomber in Lake Mead

Tiny Robot Investigates 54-Year Old Crash Site with National Park Service; Assesses Plane and Prepares NPS Divers for Mission Next Spring

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Desert Star and VideoRay Join in Technology and Marketing Agreement to Cut Price and Increase Use

float blocks Manufacturer of Underwater Positioning Systems Integrates With Largest Manufacturer of Mini ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles)

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Body Search Tonight in Table Rock Lake with 8-Pound Swimming Video Camera and Sonar

Using Underwater Technology to Find Body of 28-Year Old Man; Previous Dives and Drags Have Failed

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About VideoRay:

With more than 3,500 Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) delivered around the world, VideoRay is clearly the global leader in Observation ROV technology. VideoRay is an extremely versatile, portable, affordable, and reliable solution for underwater operations including surveys, offshore inspections, search & recovery, homeland & port security, science & research, fish farming, and other unique applications in underwater environments. “Plug and play” technology allows you to quickly attach sensors and accessories in the field so you can successfully complete your mission. VideoRay is available on the General Services Administration.