Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Video Becomes More Valuable with Real Time Audio Annotation

At the 2003 Infrastructure Systems Conference in Las Vegas, VideoRay announced today a new audio feature that allows operators to add an audio track to the video captured with the VideoRay Pro II 8-pound remotely-operated vehicle (ROV). Now, operators can record comments topside as they capture underwater video through the submersible’s camera eye. The audio feature was heavily requested by VideoRay customers and is available now for $149.
During underwater inspections, operators can speak into the mini preamp and microphone. For hands-free operation, the microphone connects with Velcro to either the control box lid or a shirt lapel. The audio is useful during inspections so operators can record observations, note locations, or give instructions. Later reviews of the video and audio recording can now relay more information to viewers than before.

The microphone package includes a high gain super microphone; integrated preamp which features low noise, extremely high gain and auto level adjustment by on-board IC; and power connectors configured for the integrated control box’s 9-pin plug. The microphone does not interfere with sonar, sonde, or other instruments used at the submersible. The system also includes a 6-foot mike lead and plug and play audio connections with either gender RCA connector.

The audio system is designed for the VideoRay Pro II and can be added to older systems for an additional cost. It is offered as an option for new systems. It will be included at no cost on all VideoRay Pro II systems owned by current and future members. It is also provided at no cost to members of the Customer Support and Maintenance Program, which offers steady upgrades of new features, 24/7 emergency phone support, and field insurance for VideoRay systems.