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2007 VIPS Award Winners Announced

vips07 award VideoRay’s annual VIPS conference wrapped up on November 8th with over 100 delegates in attendance from around the world. During the conference the seventh annual VIPS award winners were announced.

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Tenth Vessel with Illegal Drug Canisters Attached Found in Jamaica

canister Security Administrators Limited (SAL), a company who manages maritime security on Port Bustamante in Kingston, Jamaica made their 18th illegal drug canister find with a VideoRay Pro 3 XE.

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VideoRay ROV Sends Back Spectacular Images of Bizarre Undersea Life Near South Pole

scini A key part of NSF project “SCINI”, underwater robot takes its first dive

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VideoRay Reveals ROV contribution to USCG Minot Light Memorial Research

th6 Pictures and Video from the underwater robot are now available

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About VideoRay:

With more than 3,500 Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) delivered around the world, VideoRay is clearly the global leader in Observation ROV technology. VideoRay is an extremely versatile, portable, affordable, and reliable solution for underwater operations including surveys, offshore inspections, search & recovery, homeland & port security, science & research, fish farming, and other unique applications in underwater environments. “Plug and play” technology allows you to quickly attach sensors and accessories in the field so you can successfully complete your mission. VideoRay is available on the General Services Administration.