Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Fleet Expands with Top of the Line 8-Pound Underwater Robot Equipped for Ship Hull Inspections

VideoRay LLC announced today that the US Coast Guard has purchased VideoRay systems valued over $231,000. The miniature swimming robots are currently used to investigate potential underwater dangers. The Coast Guard is testing VideoRays to quickly, efficiently, and economically inspect ships, piers and harbors for condition and security.

The purchase includes a VideoRay Pro II, four Desert Star Shiphull Inspection systems, peripheral equipment, and training. This follows the initial purchase of three VideoRay Pro units in December 2002, training classes, and demonstrations and deployments throughout several Coast Guard locations.

The Hull Inspection system from Desert Star (www.desertstar.com) allows precision navigation and location of any target or condition on a ship hull. When added to the VideoRay vehicle, a small team can quickly and methodically inspect either an entire ship hull or only those areas which are the most likely to be tampered with. Because the Desert Star equipment is very light and rapidly deployed, technicians can accomplish the inspection while the ship is still miles from port. This practice enhances safety while minimizing disruptions to shipping and dock usage scheduling.