Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Camera Enables Daily Inspections without Divers; Helps with Government Regulation

Sub Aqua Tech announced today that it now provides underwater services and sales of remotely operated video technology. Eivind Aarseth is manager and founder of Sub Aqua Tech and worked for the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries as a local Fisheries Advisor since 1992.

Sub Aqua Tech offers services for the aquaculture industry, specifically underwater inspections, aquaculture advisories, environmental investigations, and the sale of VideoRay ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). Sub Aqua Tech performs services with the ROV as a safer, cheaper, and easier alternative to inspection by traditional divers.

Using VideoRay, Aarseth documents underwater conditions and helps companies comply with government regulations. Highly maneuverable, VideoRay is suitable for inspecting salmon, halibut, and scallop farms, including:

  • Surveys of sea beds to establishing new sites for farming

  • Inspect and sample polluted sites without spreading diseases

  • Inspection of cages, quays, moorings, underwater pipelines and cables

  • Inspection of vessel hulls (zinc anodes, propellers, damage at hull) and moorings for private boat owners and small boat clubs
  • VideoRay travels up to 500 feet deep, sending video footage from the mini submersible to a monitor with information about time, date, depth and heading. The sub has a high quality light sensitive (0,5 lux) color video camera, which provides high-quality pictures and video. The size of the ROV is 35 cm x 22,2 cm. x 21,6 cm; weight is 3,6 kg; with two 20-watt halogen lights with variable intensity. All information seen on the video screen and can be recorded on ordinary VHS-tapes.

    Sub Aqua Tech services include consulting and help with applications and procedures; advice on working with public authorities (proceeding and procedures, legal provisions and regulations); and evaluation of aquaculture sites and assistance with environmental questions. All environmental surveys are done in accordance with Norwegian Standard 9410:2000.