The VideoRay Mission Specialist Series (MSS) Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are customizable and flexible platforms that use a system of interchangeable, modular components. The topology of MSS ROVs provides a platform which can be easily adapted to target specific missions. The philosophy behind the MSS is fitting each system to the exact sensors, tools, depth rating, and thrust needed for the job at hand, rather than retrofit accessories to a standard ROV.

The modularity of VideoRay’s Mission Specialist technology allows for easy maintenance, fast repairs, simple upgrades, and seamless integration across configurations. Each configuration consists of several modules developed by either VideoRay or a variety of underwater tool and sensor companies. Modules include cameras with a range of resolutions, LED lighting, efficient yet powerful thrusters, power systems ranging from 75 Volts to 1600 Volts, communications modules using either fiber or copper, manipulators, positioning and sensors for radiation, water quality, and metal thickness, imaging and multibeam sonars. Since integration with third party modules is a primary goal, the wide range of power, communication, and mounting options accommodate almost every compact tool or sensor.




Core Modules

All VideoRay Mission Specialist Series configurations come with a power supply specifically designed for the configuration. All power supplies provide full monitoring of input voltage, output current, and temperature.
Current Options:
            400 VDC Power Supply

5 Port Communication module
The communications module allows for integration to Ethernet and RS485 devices, and provide 12, 24 and 48v power for accessories.

VideoRay MSS thrusters are brushless thrusters with an integrated controller.
Current Configurations:
            Defender - 4 vectored horizontal thrusters, 3 vertical thrusters

All MSS configurations are equipped with powerful LED lights to improve visibility underwater.
Current Configurations:
            Defender – 2 independent light arrays at 38 Watts max

The Mission Specialist Series has a multiple different camera options depending on the customer need. The cameras have different view angles, resolutions, and placements for more flexibility than previous VideoRay systems.
Current Options:
            Standard Camera
            High Definition (HD) with Standard Definition Live Feed & 4k Recording Camera

            BlueView M900-130 Series
            Tritech Imaging
            Tritech Scanning
            BluePrint Oculus
Seatrac USBL
MicronNav USBL
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Cygnus mount
OceanTools DigiCP Probe
Radiation Detector
Nortek DVL


Rotating Manipulator
Stationary Manipulator
Retrieval Kit Cavitation Cleaner
Viper Lifter Net Cleaner











Control Software

Neutral Performance                 Standard Neutral
Neutral buoyancy                    Negative Extension
Negative buoyancy

Tether Management
Tether deployment and storage reel
Winch (only for 1,000m systems)

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