VideoRay Cockpit for the Pro 4 ROV is by far the most intuitive, easily operated, and visually appealing ROV control software available.  It communicates your control inputs to the ROV, and provides feedback from the ROV's video and sensor systems.  VideoRay Cockpit consists of a Video Window, the Control Instruments, and the Control Bar.  Like any other PC application, simply double click the Cockpit icon and you're ready to fly your VideoRay Pro 4 ROV.

VideoRay Cockpit comes factory-installed on all new Pro 4 systems. Software updates and documentation are available for download free of charge on our Software Downloads page. VideoRay Cockpit does not need to be installed unless the software has been deleted, or the software is being installed on a new computer.

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Video Window:

The video window can be set to maintain a fixed size or be resizable. If the window is set to fixed size, the video window is set to 640(H) X 480(V) pixels and only the standard Close button is available. The window location can be moved, but the size and aspect ratio cannot be changed. If the window is set to allow resizing, the standard window controls for resizing by dragging the sides or corners are available, and the Minimize, Maximize (full screen) and Close buttons are available.

The video window title bar displays the number of snapshots and video recordings captured during the current session and a blinking red record icon will be displayed throughout video recording. The video text overlay controls enable the display of the date, time, ROV sensor data and user defined text to be overlaid on the video image. Data from attached accessories or other sensors can also be imported and displayed on the video as overlay text. Recorded audio can be used to add narration to the video in real time. Whenever video is being recorded, audio is also being recorded to the same file. The audio can be muted to eliminate background noise or unwanted conversations.

Control Instruments:

In addition to controlling the Pro 4 and displaying video, VideoRay Cockpit provides numerous feedback and control instruments including compass heading, depth, camera control, and ROV health, just to name a few.  These instruments float on the desktop and can be moved, resized, turned on or off, or made transparent.  You can also restore their sizes and positions to their default locations.

Control Bar:

The Control Bar at the bottom can be used to launch help and integrated applications, control various settings, and close VideoRay Cockpit.