Knowing where your VideoRay ROV submersible is, where it was, and where it is going is invaluable information when conducting a critical underwater mission.  VideoRay offers easily operated ROV positioning systems designed specifically for small ROVs.

Positioning an object underwater is typically done with triangulation through acoustic distance and/or direction measurement.  

The VideoRay ROV positioning solution is a more traditional USBL (Ultra Short Baseline) system.  The Tritech MicronNav USBL positioning and navigation system utilizes a USBL transducer array, which measures target distance from the transducer pole by using signal run time, and the target direction by measuring the phase shift of the reply signal as seen by the individual elements of the transducer array. The combination of distance and direction fixes the position of the tracked target relative to the surface vessel.  With this system a transducer pole is deployed which relates to the small responder/transponder on the VideoRay ROV submersible.

The BluePrint SeaTrac X010 mini-transponder beacon and acoustic modem is built around a robust broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme and DSP engine capable of responding to position interrogations from X150 beacons, while simultaneously undertaking bi-directional data exchange with other SeaTrac modems.


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Nortek Doppler Velocity Log (DVL)

Tritech MicronNav USBL Positioning System

BluePrint SeaTrac X010 USBL