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Thorngren Craig

Craig Thorngren

President/Principal, Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services LLC
Chief, United States Coast Guard (retired)
Certified VideoRay, BlueView, KCF, and LYYN Instructor


While attached to MSST Seattle (91101), USCG Chief Craig Thorngren responded to Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, the grounding of the cruise ship Empress of the North along with many other military outloads in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon his retirement he was BlueView Technologies Field Operations and Training Supervisor. He has since started his own highly successful company, Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services, LLC.

Craig's knowledge and experience has been sought after by numerous government agencies and private companies to help in the design, development and delivery of several ROV specific courses. These courses have been approved for Peace Officer Standard & Training (POST) Credit and been certified by the Department of Homeland Security.

VIPS 2013 Presentation:
  Using micro-ROVs to Locate Ship Wrecks and Aircraft


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