Comprising the “business end” of the MSS ROV system are a variety of simple, modular components that will be configured into the vehicle for your missions.  Cameras, lighting, purpose designed frames, hydrodynamic flotations, and tailored propulsion layouts are all important factors to consider in the vehicle’s design.

Depth Rating

The VideoRay MSS ROV systems will carry an initial depth rating up to four kilometers (13,123 feet).  The ultimate goal in future generations will be full ocean depth.


The MSS ROV High Resolution camera module provides state of the art still and video images.  This camera provides imaging options from 640 x 480 up to 1920 x1080 while performing digital zoom and tilt functions. The main camera can also capture 13 megapixel still images all stored directly to the control panel hard drive ready for export.  The sensor package on this module monitors internal pressure/vacuum integrity, temperature, humidity, and physical tilt position.  Since the glass dome is of optical quality and optimized for underwater use, the wide angle image is of the highest quality available.


MSS Thruster Spec Web1One of the most critical components of a Mission Specialist ROV configuration is the thruster.  VideoRay’s MSS plug and play thruster is by far the most advanced thruster of its kind available from any source.  It combines a compact form factor with the ability to configure systems with up to 255 thrusters.  With extreme depth ratings and no scheduled maintenance, it is engineered to provide hundreds of hours of trouble-free service.  

The sophisticated control and reporting electronics provide feedback of current, voltage, RPM, and temperature, allowing topside monitoring of health and efficiency and prevention of unplanned downtime.  The built-in brushless motor controller, directly driving the prop, is the smoothest available, allowing fine control, slow speed, and instant reverse.  

Capable of one horsepower operation, each thruster offers up to 10.8 kg (24 lbs) of thrust on 570 watts input.