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8-Pound Underwater Robot Fits Profile of Oceanographic, Environmental, Military, and Commercial Technologies Useful for Port Security – Workshop features port and harbor security technologies.

VideoRay announced today that it will take part in the Marine and Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN) on October 19-21, 2004 in Newport, Rhode Island. The event showcases existing technology for oceanographic, environmental, military, and commercial work that can be used in port security applications. An 8-pound underwater robot, the remote-controlled VideoRay is used by the US Coast Guard and other authorities responding to the US Department of Homeland Security Marine Transportation Security Act that requires US commercial and international trading ports to protect littoral assets identified as potential terrorist targets.

To illustrate its abilities for underwater protection and surveillance, the video-equipped VideoRay will be demonstrated in boat training, classroom sessions, and a booth hosted by Electronic Sales of New England. Equipped with scanning sonar and Desert Star software for mapping ship hulls, the VideoRay is off the shelf equipment that can be put to work immediately for port protection and inspections.