Register your PRO 4 for a chance to win an upgrade to a new PRO 5 for a special low price!

  1. This Promotion is open to current PRO 4 owners only, Promotion effective dates are 4/8/21 to 4/29/21
  2. Register your PRO 4 system(s).  Follow directions, all Registrations must be completed in full to be valid.
  3. Drawings of PRO 4 Submersible Serial #’s will be published on VideoRay Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter each Thursday in April beginning 4/8 …so keep checking back throughout April!
  4. Winners will have until May 30, 2021 to contact VideoRay to confirm Serial #’s for the PRO 5 Upgrade at a special low price. 
  5. To find you PRO 4 serial #, click on Locate your Serial Number


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