Annual ROV Service & Checkup (All models of Pro 3 and Pro 4, Scout, Voyager, and Explorer)

Is your VideoRay ROV ready to perform at its best when you need it? Just like you need an annual check-up, your VideoRay system can benefit from a thorough inspection by experts at the factory. 

For only $275, we will go over your system thoroughly, performing a 30-point inspection while replacing your submersible’s main domes, light domes, and o-rings. Any and all additional upgrades or services that the equipment requires will be sent to you in an itemized list for review. You can then decide what items make sense for you (if any,) and be assured that your system is working at its best. 

Interested? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line "Annual ROV Check Up."



Cartridge Seals – checking oil levels and physical corrosion/contamination

Motor Shafts – checking for bent shafts on all motors

Main Domes – replacing main domes

Light Domes – replacing light domes

Main Hull Corrosion – checking main hull and thruster tubes for signs of extensive corrosion

Termination Block Whips – checking whip for any physical damage

Basic Functions Test – running ROV through Basic Functions QC

Pressure Test – Pressure testing ROV to 300psi


Hardware Date Check – checking hardware under panel to insure everything is up to date

Software Check – checking software on PC to insure everything is up to date

Functions Check – running ICB through QC checks


Physical Connector Check – checking for rust or separating molding on tether connectors

Continuity Check – checking for good connections between all tether pins

Function Test – checking tether with systems to insure no LIM system faults are present

Warranty Checks

Your system will be evaluated for warranty work and available upgrades. Any identified work will be presented to you for approval - if your system is under warranty all warranty work will be performed at no charge at your consent.