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Rachael Miller
 Co-founder/Director, Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

Rachael Miller is the co-founder and director of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, whose mission is to find and remove marine debris through action, technology, outreach and research. She is also the co-captain of Rozalia Project’s trash-hunting mothership, American Promise (a Ted Hood 60’ sailing research vessel). Rachael also established the first public access, ROV-supported shipwreck tour in North America. She is the primary ROV pilot and technician for the Rozalia Project and travels throughout the U.S. with the ROV/sonar delivering marine debris programs and cleaning harbors.

Though dedicated to a clean ocean, she lives with her husband and 2 Newfoundlands in the mountains of Vermont.

VIPS 2013 presentation: Integration of Technology for a Clean Ocean


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