Daniel Toal
Director, Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre (University of Limerick)
Senior Lecturer - Electronic & Computer Engineering, University of Limerick 

Toal Daniel

 BSc (Eng)  DipEE  MSc  PhD (CEng)  MIEI  MIEEE

Daniel Toal, Ph.D is a chartered engineer qualified in both Electrical and Systems Engineering and has worked in the Electrical Power and High Voltage sector with GEC in Britain, Automation Research and Systems Engineering for JCB (the excavator manufacturer) and AMT consultancy in the electronics industry sector. He currently works as a senior lecturer at the University of Limerick, Ireland and has lectured for over 21 years in: Automation, Robotics, Instrumentation, Avionics, Sensors and Electrical Machines.

In addition, Dan is the director of the Mobile and Marine Robotics Research Centre within the University of Limerick and has focused research efforts and team building into the marine robotics technology arena, a space most relevant to Ireland as an island nation but absent in the Irish University and industrial sector prior to his initiation of same. He has built a strong team of several postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers currently working within the centre, and commercial spin out progressing currently.

VIPS 2012 Presentation: 
VideoRay Flyout-ROV from Smart ROV Latis for Hull Wreck Penetration
(Tuesday 10:00-10:45 am)

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