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Graag een prijs opgave van deze configuratie met tracks om te rijden.

Request Details:

Request ID: 6CpIl4
Configurator: Mission Specialist Custom
Product Mission Specialist Custom

User Selections:

  • Accessories$0.00
    • SonarTritech Micron Scanning Sonar
    • POSITIONINGBlueprint Subsea X010 USBL Positioning System
    • TOOLINGCavitation Cleaner Angled Lance Integration Skid
    • CAMERASSD Crystal Camera with integration lights
    • SKIDSDefender second camera skid (sm)
  • Tether$0.00
    • Deployment ReelsFiber tether and/or reel for topside power for all lengths
  • Software$0.00
    • GreenseaProfessional
Total Price$0.00

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Customer Details:

Name Pim Zwemer
Phone 0640701994