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I'm looking for pricing/lead time/capability information for the different configurations and accessories for the Defender ROV. My group is in the early stages of market research so we aren't yet sure what our requirements are for an ROV. If there is some sort of product/accessory catalog with pricing information, that would be fantastic.

Request Details:

Request ID: dbpPKj
Configurator: Mission Specialist Defender Production
Product Mission Specialist Custom

User Selections:

  • Controllers$1.00
    • Controller OptionsMission Specialist Workhorse Splashproof Controller
    • Hand Controllers OptionsSealed Industrial Hand Controller
  • Accessories$0.00
    • Accessory PortsSubmersible 1 to 2 Port Ethernet Hub
    • POSITIONINGBlueprint Subsea X010 USBL Positioning System
    • NAVIGATIONDefender Navigation Package (1000m)
    • CAMERASHD Storm Camera with light
    • LASERSLaser Scaler
    • SKIDSDefender Skid (CDS) (large)
  • Power$0.00
    • SURFACE POWER20A Mains
    • Vehicle Batteries1000m NiMH Battery
  • Tether$0.00
    • Deployment ReelsFiber tether and/or reel for topside power for all lengths
    • Performance Tether40 m (130 ft) Performance
    • Neutral Tether152 m (500 ft) Length Neutral
    • Standard TDSApproximately 125 m (400 ft) Tether Capacity
    • Extended TDS Approximately 400 m (1,312 ft) PPT Tether Capacity
    • Tether Backpack70 m (250 ft) neutral Tetherew child
  • Software$0.00
    • GreenseaProfessional
Total Price$1.00

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Customer Details:

Name Nikole Bussom
Email nikole.a.bussom.civ@us.navy.mil
Phone 2534419698