Children receive a description of the VideoRay ROV used for a subsea survey
from Masanobu Shibuya (right), President of  Shibuya Diving Industry 

Japan Foundation uses the VideoRay Pro 4 as part of the Japan and the Ocean program for elementary school childern

On July 14th , elementary school children from Goto city participated in an experiential learning program to study about renewable energy and the local environment. About 90 students in the 5th and 6th grades (11 and 12 years old) had the opportunity to visit an offshore windfarm off the coast of Sakiyama, as well as learn from experts.

This event was organized by the Japan Foundation as a part of their national “Japan and the Ocean” program. This was the second opportunity for Goto city to host the program, this time focusing on “Marine renewable energy, fishery promotion and science”.

​Masanobu Shibuya, age 67, the president of Shibuya Diving Industry, which conducts marine survey work, was one of the presenters in the program. Mr. Shibuya, as a commercial diver, has been working on numerous underwater structures all over Japan and opened a new office in Goto city in May to work on environmental protection in tandem with renewable energy development in the area. He commented that Goto and its ocean is attracting attention from all over the world as a suitable location for offshore windfarms, as well as for tidal energy. He told the students: “I hope you all live harmoniously with your environment and make Goto ocean a good example of marine renewable energy development”.

Students had the opportunity to try using a small ROV (remotely operated vehicle) machine, which has been used by the company to conduct underwater surveys, and were also able to make windfarm models with plastic bottles under the advice of Eiji Komori, age 60, of the Japan Natural Science Study Support Center. Students enjoyed riding an Electric Vehicle and a glass-bottomed boat from which they could observe the bottom of the seabed.

One of the students, Harutomi Imahata, age 11, commented: “I want to work on protecting Goto ocean so that it will be rich with marine life and we can produce a lot of energy from here.”