ROVs for Nuclear

A safe, simple solution for nuclear facility inspection and decommission

Modular Design, Unlimited Possibilities

VideoRay Mission Specialist Series vehicles are designed and built with flexibility in mind. The modular design enables easy maintenance and seamless integration with a variety of tools for a custom solution to your underwater challenges.

Common nuclear energy production applications:

  • Intake visual inspections
  • Trash rack visual inspections
  • Reservoir visual inspections
  • Nuclear decommissioning inspections
  • Nuclear turbine and cooling pump assessments
  • Nuclear turbine clean-up

ROV Systems for Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy facilities need to be inspected and/or decommissioned once they reach the end of their operational lives. These operations call for a safe and easy way to maneuver around radioactive terrain. VideoRay ROVs can be used in a variety of ways to observe and explore nuclear hazards that would, under normal circumstances, be inaccessible to humans.

Mission Specialist Defender

The Defender ROV configuration is designed for greater control of the vehicle position and supporting heavier payloads. The addition of third-party software makes the Defender a popular configuration for harsh environments and stronger currents.

Mission Specialist Pro 5

The Pro 5 is designed to handle missions with size, space, weight and deployment speed constraints. It builds on the strengths of the Pro 4 but adds more thrust, longer tether lengths, higher-resolution video and the advantage of the Mission Specialist modular systems.

for Nuclear Energy


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Case Studies

James Fisher Nuclear members with their ROV.

James Fisher Nuclear

Nuclear James Fisher Nuclear James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) supplies specialist engineering, manufacturing, and technical services for decommissioning nuclear facilities. Once nuclear facilities reach the end

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