ROVs for Aquaculture

A simple solution for aquaculture tasks and inspections

Modular Design, Unlimited Possibilities

VideoRay Mission Specialist Series vehicles are designed and built with flexibility in mind. The modular design enables easy maintenance and seamless integration with a variety of tools for a custom solution to your underwater challenges.

Common aquaculture applications:

  • Net inspection
  • Mooring inspection
  • Feeding assessment
  • Fish husbandry
  • Fish loss assessment
  • Mort removal

ROV Systems for Aquaculture

VideoRay ROVs offer a simple and cost-effective solution for necessary aquaculture inspection work with pens, nets, mooring points, stock health and feeding—without the expense and liability of divers. The portable ROV system can easily be moved around the platform by one person to confirm the integrity of mooring points and access areas of interest on both the interior and exterior of the netting.

Our submersibles and accessories are designed so you can quickly perform critical tasks like identifying potential fish loss through rapid net inspections, finding expensive lost equipment, performing regulatory compliance work, monitoring feeding habits and recovering morts. Incorporating ROVs also helps to reduce potential safety risks and eliminates exposing divers to unsafe conditions. Our agile and simple-to-pilot submersible can be equipped with up to 600 meters (2,000 feet) of tether and captures high-quality video and still images.

Mission Specialist Defender

The Defender ROV configuration is designed for greater control of the vehicle position and supporting heavier payloads. The addition of third-party software makes the Defender a popular configuration for harsh environments and stronger currents.

Mission Specialist Pro 5

The Pro 5 is designed to handle missions with size, space, weight and deployment speed constraints. It builds on the strengths of the Pro 4 but adds more thrust, longer tether lengths, higher-resolution video and the advantage of the Mission Specialist modular systems.

for Aquaculture

Defender front view

Take your missions to NEW DEPTHS.

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