Mini ROVs for Shipping

Versatile, reliable and durable ROV technology

Modular Design, Unlimited Possibilities

VideoRay Mission Specialist Series vehicles are designed and built with flexibility in mind. The modular design enables easy maintenance and seamless integration with a variety of tools for a custom solution to your underwater challenges.

Common ships husbandry applications:

  • Jack-up rig inspection
  • UWILD inspection
  • Sea chest inspection
  • Ballast tank inspection
  • Mooring/riser inspection
  • Drill monitoring

ROV Systems for Ships Husbandry

The offshore industry is one of the primary beneficiaries of small ROV evolution. In this market, there is a considerable history of ROVs that handle underwater work in deep-water depth ratings (greater than 300 meters), or the ability to carry heavy payloads or tools. Larger “work-class” ROVs that perform these feats are a multibillion dollar industry that was developed to meet the needs of the shipping and oil & gas industries.

The Mission Specialist series vehicles easily handle depths greater than 300 meters yet are agile enough to take on shallow missions at depths less than 300 meters. They are designed to carry heavy payloads or tools yet can penetrate tight areas that other machines or divers cannot access. And because deployment involves simply heaving the submersible by hand into the water, VideoRay ROVs can be deployed in sea states where using larger machines or divers is too dangerous.

VideoRay ROVs are small, light and consume very little power, meaning they can be deployed from many different areas on rigs and ships. Since they have very little mass, they can be safely used on comparatively delicate machinery without fear of damage. Despite their small size, VideoRay submersibles can handle more current than most work-class ROVs in the shallow areas in which they are deployed.

Mission Specialist Defender

The Defender ROV configuration is designed for greater control of the vehicle position and supporting heavier payloads. The addition of third-party software makes the Defender a popular configuration for harsh environments and stronger currents.

Mission Specialist Pro 5

The Pro 5 is designed to handle missions with size, space, weight and deployment speed constraints. It builds on the strengths of the Pro 4 but adds more thrust, longer tether lengths, higher-resolution video and the advantage of the Mission Specialist modular systems.

for Ships Husbandry


Take your missions to NEW DEPTHS.

Case Studies

National Park Service wreck photo.

National Park Service

Wreck Diving National Park Service The National Park Service’s Submerged Resources Center (SRC) has explored several historic underwater wrecks in U.S. waterways with the VideoRay

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