Accessories & Peripheral ROV Parts


We partner with the top sonar manufacturers including Blueprint, Tritech and Teledyne to ensure your VideoRay ROV can be outfitted with the most advanced acoustic imaging tools available. Our broad selection of imaging sonar devices are designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications.

Positioning Systems

Knowing where your VideoRay ROV submersible is, where it was, and where it is going is invaluable information when conducting a critical underwater mission. VideoRay offers easily operated ROV positioning systems designed specifically for small ROVs.


VideoRay's ROV systems offer Navigation and Autonomous Control options in various ways. VideoRay's Mission Specialist ROVs offer fully-integrated autonomous control through Greensea software on the topside.


VideoRay offers an assortment of tooling options from Blueprint labs designed to perform even the most intricate tasks underwater.


VideoRay has developed several HD configurations ranging from cost-effective compressed HD video recorded at the source to fully uncompressed fiber optically transmitted video in just about every professional format available.


The Laser Scaler attachment for VideoRay ROV systems is a plug and play measurement device that can be attached or removed from the vehicle in seconds. It can be used with existing VideoRay accessories such as the manipulator arm and sonar systems. This attachment is compatible with VideoRay Pro 4 ROVs only.

Power Options

The VideoRay Portable Power Supply is the perfect on-demand power supply at the turn of a switch, offering a clean, quiet alternative to gasoline-powered inverter generators.


VideoRay tether is mateable and compatible, which supports our modular approach to delivery. Systems come with multiple segments of tether, enabling you to reach your desired depth and providing redundancy for your operations.


VideoRay offers a variety of best-in-class sensor tools configured to meet the needs of your specific operations. Our range of sensors provide comprehensive data and unparalleled performance.


Open architecture software from Greensea Systems comes standard with Mission Specialist vehicles. Greensea’s software integrates control, navigation, sensors, diagnostics, and data management into a single user interface, and provides the marine industry’s most advanced navigation, control, and autonomy.