VideoRay’s Mission Specialist vehicles all use Greensea’s navigation, control, autonomy, and user interface technologies. Together, Greensea’s software and VideoRay’s vehicles create highly advanced and user-friendly systems that make ROV operations easier, safer, more affordable, and more efficient.

A Single User Interface for the Entire Job:

Workspace, Greensea’s universal user interface for the marine industry, fuses vehicle control, navigation, payload sensors, diagnostics, and data management into a single screen. For many operators, this means the elimination of screens, computers, and third-party navigation packages. Workspace was developed and improved through side-by-side work with operators and through incorporation of feedback in the field, so every aspect is intended to be easy to use.

  • Configurable for the task at hand: Operators can configure the screen based on the task at hand by simply dragging the edge of a window to enlarge or hide an area of the screen.
  • Supports distributed teams: Workspace is capable of supporting multiple users, even in different locations. Team members can share vehicle and target data in real time between local workstations, a field office, or remote command stations.
  • Facilitates data management: All vehicle and payload data, including sonar and video, can be logged, archived, and played back. Data is logged, timestamped, and geo-referenced.
  • Improves efficiency: This powerful work environment dramatically improves the quality of data that can be mined from every mission, and enables operators to optimize their work environments to reach maximum efficiency.
ROV software interface.

The World’s Most Advanced Marine Control & Autonomy

Greensea’s easy-to-use, advanced vehicle control system for the marine industry, provides exceptional stability and maneuverability for complex tasks. Multi-mode control means that operators can pass as much or as little responsibility on to the vehicle as the operation requires. Click-and-go, drag-and-follow and point-of-interest-relative control allow operators to focus on the task at hand, rather than on piloting the vehicle.

Greensea’s control combined with VideoRay’s innovative vehicle design, is responsible for the groundbreaking control capabilities of Mission Specialist vehicles, including:

  • Robust Lift Control: Lift heavy objects while maintaining perfect trim.
  • Stable High-Degree Pitch Control: Provides stable operation even at extreme pitch.
  • Point-of-Interest Orbit: Automatically orbit any object in a perfect 360 degree circle.
  • Supervised Autonomy:
    • Dynamic Waypoint Control: Missions can be manipulated in real time. (Asset 2)
    • Sonar-Relative Control: Operate relative to sonar targets.

Accurate Navigation for Small Vehicles:

Greensea’s INSpect GS1 Inertial Navigation System (INS) comes fully integrated on all Mission Specialist vehicles. Specifically designed for robotic systems with size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) restrictions, Greensea’s inertial navigation systems sort through data from multiple sensors and remove outliers to deliver an unprecedented degree of position accuracy for small vehicle systems like the Mission Specialist vehicles, even in environments where complexities like uneven or high-angle seafloors or high degrees of magnetic variability traditionally make navigation challenging and inaccurate.

Greensea’s Inertial Navigation Systems are proven for long-duration and mid-water station keeping and long distance transects, and can support six-degrees-of-freedom control and even full autonomy.

The Difference is OPENSEA:

The enabling technology behind all Greensea systems is OPENSEA, Greensea’s universal open architecture software framework for the marine industry. By fully integrating data into one unified system, OPENSEA unlocks advanced robotic capabilities and enables the development of truly novel and groundbreaking technologies. Some of the benefits of an OPENSEA system include:

  • Proven and mature: OPENSEA leverages more than a decade of development and more than 900 systems currently deployed in the field to deliver unprecedented reliability and robustness.
  • Vehicle agnostic: OPENSEA offers the same software framework and user interface across a wide range of manned, unmanned, surface, and subsea vehicles. Operators can train on one system and use it many places, minimizing cost, time, and risk. Deploying the same software across multiple vehicle assets lays the groundwork for interoperability through shared technology.
  • Sensor agnostic: OPENSEA provides sensor integration with payload control accessible through Greensea’s unified interface, Workspace. Thousands of sensors, devices, and equipment are natively supported.
  • Ready to evolve: OPENSEA’s modular architecture enables rapid, low-risk prototyping of emerging technologies.

Integrators & Developers:

OPENSEA is continuously maintained and updated based on feedback from hundreds of operators utilizing the technology across many different applications worldwide. Being part of the OPENSEA community allows system integrators and developers to take advantage of the latest updates to OPENSEA, provide feedback on how the system can be optimized to their tasks, and develop their own technologies using OPENSEA as a platform.

Software Development Kit: The OPENSEA SDK includes everything needed to configure or expand an OPENSEA system. Implement changes, develop new features,or innovate new technologies in an open, robust architecture.

Custom Configurations: OPENSEA can easily be configured for new capabilities without major modifications to the code. The same base OPENSEA software can be used with different vehicle configurations for different missions.

Expansion: The OPENSEA application suite is designed for flexibility and scalability. Utilize a comprehensive toolbox of distributed software components that can easily add capability to existing systems.

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