A global leader in underwater
remotely operated vehicle
(ROV) technology

Established in 1999, VideoRay has worked with technology and mission partners across the world to develop user-operated and autonomous ROV tools built for real-world applications.
VideoRay underwater ROV.

Today, VideoRay ROVs are used in many industries for a wide range of missions including homeland security, search and rescue, infrastructure inspection and more.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative technology for our easily operated and maintained underwater robotic systems while also offering personalized customer support.

As a leader in observation class ROVs, VideoRay works directly with underwater accessory manufacturers to develop their products around the size and payload capacity of VideoRay submersibles. When you purchase a VideoRay professional ROV system, you have the choice of the best sonars, positioning systems, metal thickness gauges, cathodic protection, water quality and radiation measuring devices available.

VideoRay is located in the borough of Pottstown, PA, approximately 30 miles northwest of the city of Philadelphia.

VideoRay designs, manufactures and markets remotely operated vehicles to transform the way people work underwater. By exceeding our quality system requirements and improving through annual objectives, we continuously work to ensure the success of our customers and our company.

VIdeoRay is ISO certified ISO9001:2015

VideoRay believes that our success is driven by our customers’ successes. To achieve this mutual goal, our products must be capable, easy to learn, easy to use and reliable.

As a global company, VideoRay operates according to the highest standards of ethical conduct and behavior. These standards guide our decisions in our daily work and help us demonstrate that we take our responsibilities and commitments seriously.

Leveraging the latest technological advances, Customer Care relies on industry-standard methods of communication as well as offering our best effort to conform to customers’ specific communications protocol requirements. When possible, VideoRay technicians can remotely access users’ systems to conduct real-time diagnoses and implement corrective actions.

While it may at first seem counterintuitive for any organization, the overarching goal of VideoRay Customer Care is to eliminate the need for its existence. What this means is we would rather focus our efforts on proactive activities that can reduce the causes of trouble in the first place. Specific activities designed to move us closer to achieving this goal include:

Working within our ISO 9001-2015 guidelines and principles.
Working with our R&D, Engineering and Quality groups to relate symptoms to root causes and establish corrective and preventative actions.
Collecting customer feedback in order to identify friction points in using or maintaining our products. We then work to develop proactive solutions including improved documentation, training and self-help tools.
Logging and tracking cases for statistical analysis purposes and prioritization.

VideoRay Customer Care has helped position VideoRay as the world’s largest producer of underwater ROVs and the global leader in ROV technology. We truly inspire Confidence Underwater.

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In addition to using its own employee resources to provide support services, VideoRay has developed the VideoRay Authorized Service Center program. We work with strategic partners around the world to offer regionalized support and hardware repair services. VideoRay Authorized Service Centers must meet business and technical requirements to be qualified and participate in periodic update training to maintain their credentials.

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We know that educated users make the best users. Users who have undertaken VideoRay Certified Training programs are more likely to use their equipment optimally, benefit from its full capabilities and maintain it properly to extend its longevity. We encourage and empower all users to participate in the maintenance of their systems. Certified Training opportunities exist for customers that want to increase their operational and maintenance expertise.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Volunteer Experience

Big Brothers Big Sisters: Beyond School Walls

Studies have shown that only 56% of students reported having a school staff person to go to for school problems and just two-fifths had someone in school to talk to about personal problems. That’s an awful lot of students with something to say and no one to listen.

Young people in Big Brothers Big Sisters School-Based mentoring programs show an increase in academic performance, feel more competent academically, are less likely to skip school and feel that that they would attend and finish college.

VideoRay is proud to have partnered with BBBS since 2013. Mentors from VideoRay get two 1-hour visits from their “little” each month during the school year. They are dedicated to building life-long relationships and creating a positive impact on the lives of the children they meet through the BBBS program.

“I have known my Big Brother for 2 years. Since I met George I haven’t been shy when meeting new people. My Big Brother helps me do my homework. He tells me to do the right thing. The best thing about George is that he’s a great guy and cool to hang out with. I would never want to leave George. He’s like my real brother.”

                                -Little Brother Raquon

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MATE: Marine Advanced Technology Education Center

Giving back. VideoRay.

The MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) Center’s mission is to help prepare America’s future workforce for ocean-related occupations. The MATE Center utilizes information from employers to improve and develop educational programs with a focus on marine technology.

The Center focuses on community college education and creating strong links between high schools and community colleges, technical schools, four-year institutions, research institutions, and industry, government, military, and labor organizations. The highlight of the year for MATE is the MATE ROV Competition which holds both a regional and a national event annually.

VideoRay strongly believes in fostering marine robotics education and is proudly involved with supporting MATE and the ROV Competition. Each year VideoRay employees and consultants participate in the regional and national events by judging, assisting in logistics, and more importantly by providing an underwater view and video record of the action with VideoRay ROVs.

VideoRay also supports the robotics teams and institutions by offering used tether and polycarbonate domes for their projects at a drastically reduced price.