New Program sees trends in Norwegian and Chilean Aquaculture trade-in customers

Today, VideoRay announced that another Deep Trekker unit has joined those from SeaBotix, and two other manufacturers in the VideoRay trade-up pool.  While most of these units have been from SeaBotix, more Deep Trekker units are expected – particularly from Norway and Chile aquaculture companies.

“Customers are realizing that price and specs are not the most important factor in selecting tools for daily, demanding work. Customers simply cannot afford to have their systems go down,” said Chris Gibson. “Intuitive control and reliability are crucial, so long as basic capabilities are considered. VideoRay units last months without required maintenance, and most repairs are easy to do in the field.  VideoRay’s support and design expertise keep our customers working – and we expect fleets of less capable vehicles like the Deep Trekker to be replaced with professional units in the next few months.”