Pro 4 ROV Uses V-130 Imaging Sonar to Navigate Murky WaterA VideoRay Pro 4 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) equipped with BlueView V-130 imaging sonar was used in a recent inspection of the Lake Monroe Railroad bridge in Sanford, Florida. The underwater ROV inspected the bridge’s structures, foundation, and pilings in the St. Johns River. Because the river carries high amounts of tanic acid, the water is much darker than usual. Fortunately, the VideoRay Pro 4’s lighting and sonar capability were able to view the structure and navigate to critical points for inspection. 

VideoRay consultant and certified trainer Steve Van Meter conducted the inspection for Florida Draw Bridges Services, the operator of the legacy draw bridge used by SunRail, which can be seen crossing the bridge during the inspection. The bridge is also used by Amtrak and other trains traveling through the central Florida area.