8-Pound ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Proves Itself in Range of Applications

VideoRay LLC announced today that Scotland-based Oceanscan, its global Approved Rental Partner, has purchased four additional VideoRay microROVs. This purchase increases the size of Oceanscan’s fleet to a dozen of the tiny submersibles. Weighing only 8 pounds, the VideoRays are so small, portable, and maneuverable that they are frequently rented from Oceanscan for offshore and inland inspections and investigations in harbors, aircraft crash sites, water intakes, flooded tunnels, archaeological sites, dams, hulls, police dives, and by customs officials.

Two of the VideoRay underwater ROVs are the VideoRay 2002, and two units are VideoRay Pro IIs, equipped with manipulators, Imagenex 851 scanning sonar, tether deployment reels and a head mounted display. The VideoRay ROV is remotely controlled from the surface. A tether up to 1,000 feet long is attached to a tiny, yellow submersible that has a forward and rear-facing video eye. The sub gathers underwater video through its camera eye, which is viewed on the surface on a TV monitor.

“Demand is building for the VideoRay, and we are well positioned to serve the offshore industry in Singapore, Norway, and the United States,” says Raymond Ruth, sales director of Oceanscan, which operates a VideoRay Center of Excellence. “Our customers receive direct benefit of our training and real-world experience with the VideoRay.”

A recent Oceanscan client used a VideoRay to monitor a BOP as it was raised from the seabed. The VideoRay was brought to the site after a workclass ROV on the rig had broken down, and the client wanted action quickly. Due to the location, it was impossible to get a replacement ROV sent out in time unless it could be transported by helicopter. The VideoRay was ideal for the emergency situation because it is a light electric ROV that packs quickly in two Pelican cases easily carried by one man. The ROV submersible is 14 inches long (350 mm), 9 inches wide (225 mm), and 8.5 inches high.

About Oceanscan
Oceanscan Ltd, based in Aberdeen Scotland, is a service company specializing in supplying high-tech equipment and personnel to the global Subsea Oil and Gas Market. It has a network of agents located in the USA, Singapore and Norway who provide for-hire ROVs, survey and inspection equipment, and staff that can endure the harshest environments in the offshore survey industry.
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