New Classes taught at Neutral Buoyancy in Houston produce highest ratings from students – more scheduled soon

In September, the Oceaneering team at the NASA Neutral Buoyancy lab in Houston conducted their first two scheduled training classes on the use of VideoRay Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs.) The first was for nine students from seven different Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) units. The US Coast Guard has standardized on VideoRay vehicles for over a decade, and maintains a nationwide fleet for homeland security tasks at ports. One student wrote in their evaluation “Valuable training and convenient location. Friendly and Professional staff”, and another stated “The pool was a great tool for the training”

The second class was for seven students from three different organizations in the US and Canada – some new to VideoRays and ROVs in general. A student wrote “NBL provided an excellent venue to practice diving and troubleshooting ROVs. Staff were top notch and so helpful.”

Oceaneering is uniquely qualified to provide this kind of training. From space to subsea, Oceaneering supports the oil and gas industry’s underwater testing needs with the NBL, the NASA-owned facility once exclusively reserved for astronaut training. VideoRay has worked closely with the Oceaneering team to provide material and training support. 

The next class is scheduled for November 1-2.

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