VideoRay’s Pro 4 ROV, called “Rocky,” is in regular use inspecting Söder Mälarstrand, a quay in Sweden. This Pro 4 is equipped with both sonar and video cameras to provide a thorough and complete image of the underwater environment. Marie Fleetwood and Fredrik Fleetwood, the ROV pilots, work on behalf of the Port of Stockholm to inspect the quay for current issues and future maintenance work.

“The pools in this dock are over a hundred years old. Many parts are amazingly intact, but in some places, it is seen that there are problems,” says Fredrik Fleetwood, which is why the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV is being utilized for inspection. The technology “is in many cases both better and cheaper than sending down diver. The underwater drone can enter confined spaces and operate in hazardous areas,” says Mattias Sandell, Technical Manager at Stockholms Hamnar.

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