Armed with a VideoRay Pro 4 ROV with a BlueView sonar and standard manipulator, Crossmon Consulting responded to a call about an 11-year-old drowning victim in the St. Lawrence River. The New York and Ontario Police Departments had already been searching for 5 weeks and were coming up unsuccessful. They utilized a side scan sonar to eliminate areas of the river and a K9 to help with locating the victim. Due to the constant heavy current in the river (up to 6 knots some days) and strong winds, the recovery took longer than expected. Finally, after two weeks, the sonar picked up an image of the victim.

With the currents moving heavily west, the recovery was difficult. Crossmon Consulting was live boating at the time of the recovery due to the 6-knot surface current and 3-4 knot bottom current. The victim was located in 218 feet of water by the ROV on October 19 and recovered by a diver on October 20. On the Facebook page dedicated to the search, the family wrote “Thank you to Crossmon Consulting for their assistance and determination.”

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