Integrator Program

VideoRay’s Integrator Program was designed to address the growing customer demand for the customization of VideoRay’s Mission Specialist products. The program brings best-in-class technology sensor and tooling manufacturers, as well as software developers together, resulting in specialized mission configurations available across the globe.

For Customers

Through the Integrator Program, VideoRay customers gain access to more sensor, tooling and software integrations, including autonomy and artificial intelligence. Integration engineering and production follow VideoRay’s ISO-9001:2015 process procedures ensuring a high level of quality control. All Integrations come with VideoRay’s industry-leading 2-year warranty and access to VideoRay’s award-winning Customer Support team.

For Integrator Partners

All certified integrator partners are given access to interface control documentation, including models, communication interfaces and mount locations. In addition, VideoRay will distribute integration products through VideoRay’s worldwide distribution network. VideoRay equipment has been sold into more than 50 countries worldwide. Integrators may also sell Integrations with VideoRay equipment directly through their distribution networks earning discounts on VideoRay equipment they resell.

If you are interested in applying for the VideoRay Integrator Program fill out the form below.

Dealer Program

VideoRay has assembled a sprawling global network of over 40 Dealers and Partners fully capable of providing the highest quality sales, support, and service. These companies represent the finest products in underwater technology around the globe with unparalleled knowledge and professionalism. If you are interested in representing VideoRay within your region please select the link below and complete the inquiry form.

If you are interested in applying for the VideoRay Dealer Program fill out the form below.

Authorized Service Center Program

VideoRay has strategically positioned fully Authorized Service Centers (ASCs) throughout the world to accommodate our global clientele. ASCs have been trained to quickly diagnose and repair deficiencies with your VideoRay ROV system. They keep an inventory of parts and spares for quick turnaround in an effort to minimize downtime.

If you are interested in representing VideoRay as an Authorized Service center within your region please select the link below and complete the inquiry form.

ROV Check-Up Program

Is your VideoRay ROV ready to perform at its best when you need it? Just like you need an annual check-up, your VideoRay system can benefit from a thorough inspection by our experts.

For only $275, we will go over your system thoroughly, performing a 30-point inspection while replacing your submersible’s main domes, light domes, and o-rings. Any and all additional upgrades or services that the equipment requires will be sent to you in an itemized list for review. You can then decide what items make sense for you (if any,) and be assured that your system is working at its best.

Available for ALL models.