VideoRay is proud to introduce online virtual training lessons to support users of Mission Specialist systems including the Defender and Pro 5. The VideoRay Training Library is organized as a series of curricula for operators and maintenance technicians. Each lesson is a short self-paced sequence of mixed media web pages. Lessons span the full scope of ownership, operation and maintenance and cover beginner through advanced topics.The content is tightly integrated with the operator manuals and will be installed on each Mission Specialist system for immediate access while in the field. These lessons can be viewed online, printed or downloaded for use when off-line. Lessons are portable and can be viewed on almost any device. Audio narrations are also in printed form for hearing impaired participants.

Here is the link to the library: https://download.videoray.com/training/vtl/

You can also access the library on the VideoRay website under the “Training” tab near the top of the site.

Here’s a screenshot taken of a page on VideoRay’s new virtual training library.