Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment training has been designed to provide VideoRay Certified Instructor-Led Training at a reduced price by combining people from different organizations in one class. Course size may range from 5-25 people depending on the demand, with additional instructors added for larger classes.

Open Enrollment classes are open to individuals and groups. Groups may prefer to host an on-site class, which can be customized and typically costs less than the sum of individual rates for groups of 4 or more participants.

Open Enrollment classes are not exclusive. Participant quantity and make-up depends on the number of registrants and their affiliations.

Open Enrollment classes are delivered at VideoRay training locations around the world.

Open Enrollment Courses

The following open enrollment courses are currently offered on a regular basis:

For Operators

For Technicians

Open Enrollment Class Schedule and Registration

The schedule and registration for a specific class can be accessed from the individual course descriptions pages.