Havfrom to utilize on Johan Castberg for Equinor, off Viking Neptun vessel

VideoRay Integrator Depro deploys new Defender ROV Flyout solution.

VideoRay Defenders are ideal man-portable systems for working at deep depths, fast currents, and on challenging inspection missions. Work Class ROVs are the ideal tool for heavy mobilization during the deployment of infrastructure such as offshore wind farms. However, Work Class systems need help to maneuver in tight spaces in order to obtain the best visual information and records, and using them very close to assets can risk damage.

The best answer to efficiently and rapidly install and service assets is to deploy a work class vessel with a small but powerful ROV such as the VideoRay Defender as a flyout resource. The Defender is uniquely capable for this mission due to its powerful thrusters and wide range of navigational, sonar, camera, and positioning sensors and tools. Depro’s “Buddy Skid” option is now deployed and available for use.

See https://www.depro.no/smart-cost-efficient-new-rov-concept/ for information on the Buddy ROV and Depro.