Pro 3 GTO ROV and BlueView V-130 Sonar Used to Map Aquifers 300 Ft Underground

The Malta Sustainable Energy & Water Conservation Unit (SEWCU) recently completed training on their VideoRay Pro 3 GTO Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with BlueView V-130 multibeam imaging sonar. Steve Van Meter traveled to the Ta` Kandja Pumping Station to train four members of the SEWCU on their recently purchased sonar. Van Meter had previously trained the crew on the Pro 3 GTO they purchased in 2014 from SR Services Ltd.

Ta` Kandja Pumping Station is the largest and primary pumping station on the Maltese Islands, with a network spanning 42 km (26 miles) and galleries stretching 915 m to 1,525 m long (3,000-5,000 ft). Malta relies on these aquifers for their public water supply. Before they obtained their ROV, the SEWCU had to visually inspect the pumping station by walking down each gallery. Now, the underwater  ROV and sonar allow them to quickly inspect the entire pumping station within a few days.

The SEWCU has already used their ROV and sonar for other applications, including underwater pipeline inspections.