The Rozalia Project, an organization whose mission is to clean and protect the ocean from harmful debris, has a VideoRay Pro 4 named Hector the Collector. Equipped with a standard manipulator, BlueView sonar, Lynn video enhancement, and Smart Tether, Hector the Collector and the Rozalia Project are refreshing our ocean one piece of debris, one student and one solution at a time.

Founded by Rachael Miller and her husband, who share a passion for a clean ocean, the Rozalia Project does more than just remove trash from the ocean. The goal of this organization is to educate, research, prevent, and protect the marine ecosystem. The organization specifically targets urban and coastal waters and deploys their VideoRay ROV from shore, harbors, and their research vessel, American Promise.

The Rozalia Project’s discoveries have not only been used to educate our nation’s youth, they have also been used by researchers to help better understand the debris problem. Hector the Collector has helped demonstrate the amount of debris that is under the ocean’s surface, where people cannot see. The data that the VideoRay ROV has collected is adding to researchers’ data, making a big step forward in the overall mission for marine preservation.

Rachael has been a part of the VideoRay family for many years and in many ways. She used to lead tours on Lake Champlain with a VideoRay Explorer to view shipwrecks. When she founded the Rozalia Project, she knew that VideoRay needed to be a part of helping her achieve her goals. Rachael describes the ROV as “Incredibly reliable and low-maintenance,” which is perfect for her overall mission of cleaning up our oceans and protecting them from future harm. An experienced ROV pilot and trainer, Rachael uses her skills to give students and people of all ages a glimpse into the underwater world and help educate them on how to preserve the marine ecosystem.

VideoRay is proud to be a part of The Rozalia Project’s mission to clean and protect the ocean. We are glad to see our technology being utilized to improve the future of our world. The Rozalia Project is making waves in the industry with their research, education, and preservation efforts, and VideoRay is proud to list them as our featured user of the quarter and hope to continue assisting with the mission “for a clean ocean.”

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