We received an email from a customer last week who recovered a Work Class ROV using a Pro 4. Here is his story and a great video link.

Resent-From: <info@videoray.com>
From: rob stewart 
Date: February 23, 2017 at 10:38:41 GMT+4
To: Info <info@videoray.com>
Subject: VideoRay utilisation offshore

Good Morning

Just a quick email to let you know what we did with the VideoRay pro 4 and how happy we are with your product.

The tether parted on the workclass vehicle and they had no means of recovering the vehicle to deck. The project was at a standstill. The client was ready to call in another vessel which was over a 12 hour sail away. Total time would have been maybe 27 hours not to mention the day rate of the vessel that had the stranded ROV. The vessel that they were going to call in was a sat diving vessel which cost in excess of 150K per day. The project manager advised me that by recovering the WROV with the VideoRay this way saved them over £300,000. I think many oil companies would have a system (VideoRay and hook assembly) on stand-by available onboard in case they have a load subsea that they can’t recover for whatever reason. The beauty with this set up is that it can still perform very well in high current and low visibility making it ideal for Northsea projects as well as the renewable sectors.

In the video the connection bracket between the VideoRay and hook was made up in 3 hours. I am designing a bracket now to suit the Cosby ROV hook.

See link below and please comment freely on my facebook page and Youtube video. I would appreciate your feedback.

Youtube video link:


Look forward in working with your company in the future.

Best Regards,

Rob Stewart
Managing Director