Winners of the Best of VideoRay 2016 Photo Contest have been announced!

1st Marko Van Ess – Aqua Events

Aqua Events specializes in all types of events and (film) productions on, round, or with water. Aqua Events is a creative nautical problem-solver with years of experience and expertise. With a passion for the elements of nature, they bring a “nautical” solution for every event, whereby their clients’ wishes are the center of attention. Aqua Events are responsible for all racetracks of the RedBull air race around the world. Aqua Events are also sponsors of Valentina Cafolla who is now the world record holder Under Ice Freedive

2nd Sarah Nahaebdian – The Maritime Aquarium

These images were taken at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) in Houston, Texas. Sarah took part in a two-day course to become a certified ROV pilot with VideoRay. The NBL is an amazing facility that has life-size models of the International Space Station, and provides the perfect venue for training with ROVs. At one point, a diver swam over to help with one of our challenges – picking up a golf ball!

VideoRay would like to thank everyone who sent us images of their 2016 ROV expeditions! You can see all the photo submissions in the gallery below. All submissions will be sent a new VideoRay 2017 t-shirt.

See the best of the rest…

1. Steve Randall – ECS – ECS has developed an Explosive Ordnance Disposal tool called ‘Viper’ for the VideoRay. 

2. Kyle Satula – Proceanic – The VideoRay MSS ROV used by Proceanic, to perform an inspection on an offshore oil riser in Equatorial Guinea in November 2016. 

3. Steve Van Meter – The VideoRay Pro 4 is deployed for a power plant inspection 

4. Craig Thorngren – Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services – Breaking through almost a foot of ice to deploy an ROV to search for a missing person. 

5. Mark Salter – Atlantas Marine – There is a 3500 year old bronze age settlement at the bottom of Lake Viverone in Northern Italy. 

6. Bill Hubbard – Massachusetts Maritime Academy – The VideoRay ROV is a key component of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy research and benthic mapping surveys in Buzzards Bay. 

7. Christoffer Christensen – Stinger Technology – Photo was taken during a launch at the Gyda in the Norwegian Northsea. 

8. Thor Zollinger – Manta Robotics – Manta Robotics internal fuel tank inspection using the Cygnus UT instrument and a Pro4 ROV. The ROV has been heavily modified for explosive environment certification. 

9. Matt Kadow – Wisconsin Maritime Museum – Participants in the Wisconsin Maritime Museum’s ROV Summer Camp explored the scientific concepts and laws related to ROVs. 

10. Dean Nafziger – UROV – Location Gulf of Mexico on an off-shore production spar. Dives were made in the moon pool where residual oil and debris left a slimy coat but no damage to the VideoRay. 

11. Roy Moser – Aerial Drone Solutions – Aerial Drone Solutions were conducting asset inspections on large potable water reservoirs for Australian government. 

12. Andrew Want – Heriot-Watt University – Sublittoral habitat mapping off West Mainland, Orkney (in Scotland) along transects from near shore to 50 m. 

13. Jim Kenard – Shipwreckworld.com – Sloop Washington sank 1803 and 2nd oldest discovered shipwreck in the Great Lakes