On May 15, 2019, at Wonsan Island Beach, South Korea, a diver was reported missing from a scuba diving group. The Korean Coast Guard and Rescue Association was called in to search for the missing diver. They searched with 2 helicopters and over 10 boats and were unsuccessful.

Triton Hi-Tech was called in with their VideoRay to assist with the search after 3 days. With low visibility and strong current, they had a tough job ahead of them. The system was outfitted with a sonar to help with the low visibility of the water.

After only an hour of searching, Triton Hi-Tech was successful in finding the victim in 5.5 meters of water 200 meters from the shore. The diver was found close to the place of entry. The VideoRay held on to the victim and held position until the Korean Coast Guard was able to get a rescue diver in the water to recover the victim.