Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) from VideoRay in US finds drowning victims, keeps GOPE divers safe

In 2016, GOPE in Valparaiso, Chile contacted Diving Services for assistance in understanding and obtaining underwater technology to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of their diving operations. These frequently involved locating and recovering drowning victims, in addition to other difficult and hazardous operations. Santiago Gutiérrez of Diving Services, a retired navy diver and diving instructor, was intimately familiar with both the tasks and the technology involved, and provided the best solution, a VideoRay Pro 4 unit with BlueView multibeam sonar, and manipulator for retrieving objects.

Since acquiring the unit, it has been very effective and reliable, working with its sonar unit in limited visibility to search for hours nonstop. Unlike divers, there are no time or depth limits for a dive, and temperature does not affect its operation. The Valparaiso GOPE has been very busy assisting other units throughout the country, demonstrating the use and effectiveness of this technology. While there is just one unit in all of Chile at the moment, additional purchases are in process.

The CEO of VideoRay, Scott Bentley, and sales executive Erick Estrada, recently visited Chile to learn more about how VideoRays are used in that country – where sales of VideoRay ROVs have been particularly strong, mainly for the aquaculture industry. On his visit to GOPE Valparaiso, Mr. Bentley engaged in in-depth discussions and enjoyed traditional Chilean empanadas and wine.

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Photo Captions:

1.  GOPE VideoRay Pro 4 with small generator deployed from an inflatable boat. /   Videoray del GOPE con generador pequeño operando de un bote inflable.

2.  The rugged VideoRay Pro 4 equipment on the way to a mission. /  El Robusto equipo VideoRay Pro4 en su camino a cumplir su misión. 

3.   Extremely portable VideoRay deployed from remote shoreline. /  El extremadamente portatíl VideoRay desplegado desde una remota playa.

4.  All GOPE members are trained in diving.The VideoRay is an invaluable assistant. /  Todo el Personal del GOPE es entrenado en buceo. El equipo VideoRay es un invaluable asistente. 

4. Mr. Bentley and Mr. Estrada from VideoRay in the US, with members of GOPE Valparaiso.  /  Sr. Bentley y el Sr. Estrada de VideoRay en los Estados Unidos, con miembros del GOPE Valparaíso