Please make sure to consider the following information before contacting VideoRay’s Technical Support to report a problem. The following information should available:

  • User name and contact information
  • Name of the owner if not the same as the user
  • System model
  • Serial Number of the affected component(s)
  • Accessories in use
  • Detailed information about the issue:
    • Symptoms
    • Operating conditions that create the symptoms
    • Anything new or unusually about the system or operations

As a global company, VideoRay operates according to the highest standards of ethical conduct and behavior. These standards guide our decisions in our daily work and help us demonstrate that we take our responsibilities and commitments seriously.

VideoRay believes that our success is driven by our customers’ successes. To achieve this mutual goal, our products must be capable, easy to learn, easy to use and reliable. To resolve problems when they arise, VideoRay Customer Care is organized into the following three groups:

  • Customer Service – Resolves administrative issues
  • Technical Support – Resolves technical problems remotely
  • Repair – Resolves hardware problems that cannot be resolved remotely

In addition to using its own employee resources to provide support services, VideoRay has developed the VideoRay Authorized Service Center program. Working with strategic partners around the world, together we offer time-convenient regional support and hardware repair services. VideoRay Authorized Service Centers must meet business and technical requirements to be qualified and participate in periodic update training to maintain their credentials.

Leveraging the latest technological advances, Customer Care relies on industry standard methods of communication as well as offering our best effort to conform to customers’ specific communications protocol requirements. When possible, VideoRay technicians can remotely access users’ systems to conduct real-time diagnosis and implement corrective actions.

VideoRay asserts that educated users make the best users and are more likely to operate their equipment in ways that optimize the use of its capabilities and maintain it properly to extend its longevity. We encourage and empower users to participate in the maintenance of their systems. Certified Training opportunities exist for customers that want to increase their operational and maintenance expertise.

While it may at first seem counterintuitive for any organization, the overarching goal of VideoRay Customer Care is to eliminate the need for its existence. What this means is we would rather focus our efforts on proactive activities that can reduce the causes of trouble in the first place. Specific activities designed to move us closer to achieving this goal include:

  • Working within our ISO 9001-2015 guidelines and principles.
  • Working with our R&D, Engineering and Quality groups to relate symptoms to root causes and establishing corrective and preventative actions, which may include design improvements.
  • Using customer feedback to identify areas of difficulty in using or maintaining our products and developing proactive solutions, including improved documentation, training and self-help tools.
  • Logging and tracking cases for statistical analysis purposes and prioritization.

VideoRay Customer Care has helped position VideoRay as the world’s largest producer of underwater ROVs and the global leader in ROV technology. We truly inspire “Confidence Underwater.”

For remote support, the following hours of operations and communications methods are established:

Business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Monday through Friday. (Holiday schedule may vary)

You may contact us via:
Email: support@videoray.com
Phone: +1 610-458-3000, Option 1

Your support technician might recommend a video conference call/screen sharing session via Skype, or a remote login session via TeamViewer to operate directly on your system.

Our target response times are:

For Phone Calls:

  • Immediate responses for any phone call, while a technician is available.
  • If a technician is unavailable, your call will be answered by a receptionist or you may leave a voicemail.
  • A technician will return your call within 30 minutes for a phone call that is answered by a receptionist or for a voicemail received during business hours.
  • Unanswered calls and voicemails that are received outside of business hours will be responded to within one business hour on the next business day.

For Emails:

  • Immediate automated response indicating your message has reached our server.
  • A technician will reply to your email within 30 minutes for an email received during business hours.
  • Emails that are received outside of business hours will be responded to within two business hours on the next business day.
  • For Skype Video Calls or TeamViewer Remote Login Support:

The technician who is currently working on your issue will coordinate with you to arrange this.

Equipment Loaner

VideoRay is the most experienced and reliable vendor of observation class vehicles in the world. We achieved this by assuring the success of our customers with both an extensive and proactive support team, and back-up equipment in our loaner pool available for emergency use.

Our customers with frequent time-critical projects can add an extra level of assurance through our Comprehensive Support and Maintenance program, which allows priority access to our equipment loaner pool should a maintenance issue prevent them from using a VideoRay ROV.

Other customers may, occasionally, have access to rent a system if they are available. If a system is available, our support representative will advise you.

VideoRay has strategically placed fully Authorized Service Centers (ASCs) throughout the world to accommodate our global clientele. Please use the link below to fill out the form and we’ll put you in touch with an Authorized Service Center in your area.*

*See Authorized Service Centers

Dedicated after hours assistance can be scheduled, fees may apply. Contact VideoRay for more information.