(The following is a joint press release by VideoRay and ECHO81).

VideoRay, a global leader in inspection-class ROVs, has implemented the new groundbreaking ISFMD Flooded Member Detection (FMD) system manufactured by Impact Subsea, a UK-based subsea technology company specializing in high-performance sensors, as an available option for their Mission Specialist Defender series of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

The Mission Specialist Defender is a robust ROV designed for precise control of the vehicle position and orientation, heavier payloads, and demanding intervention. As such, it has seven thrusters enabling it to move in any direction and maintain an active pitch to face the vehicle upwards or downwards, making it an ideal platform for FMD surveys. It is also capable of several third-party additions, now including the new ISFMD system to serve the oil and gas industry.

The ISFMD system is the first of its kind to utilize digital acoustic detection instead of typical harmful gamma rays to inspect offshore platform members or subsea pipelines for flooding as a result of cracking, damage, corrosion, and/or other defects. The ISFMD is suitable for small ROV deployments as it uses a compact broadband ultrasonic probe paired with an advanced digital signal processing engine to provide the most reliable readings on the market today. The ISFMD uses Impact Subsea’s SeaView software for control, visualization, and data collection (FIGURE 1).

The ISFMD was supplied and supported by ECHO81, a U.S.-based equipment specialist for marine instrumentation and distributor of Impact Subsea products, to facilitate the successful 30-day trial, where the ISFMD proved it could reliably detect flooded members as large as nine meters in diameter.

“Flooded Member Detection is a key capability for our offshore users,” said Scott Bentley, CEO of VideoRay. “We are proud to have the Impact Subsea system – the acknowledged leader in this field – as a tool on the Defender. It will be a game-changing upgrade for our infrastructure inspection partners.”

Ben Grant, Managing Director of Impact Subsea, commented:”In collaboration with our USA representative, ECHO81, we are delighted to support VideoRay in the provision of the Impact Subsea Flooded Member Detection System. The highly compact and powerful nature of our ISFMD system aligns perfectly with the extremely capable and compact VideoRay ROV. This collaboration enables a very cost-effective method of performing Flooded Member Detection surveys.”

Lisa Brisson, VP of Operations at ECHO81, stated: “The combination of these two great products offer the oil and gas sector a powerful yet compact solution for flooded member and pipeline inspection surveys unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.”

The ISFMD system is now available for purchase as an option to the Defender series ROV systems. 

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SeaView software showing the Subsea probe’s orientation relative to the underwater member, echoes received with energy levels and correlation value, liquid level reading (if liquid is present), etc. providing a quality check for each reading obtained.
Instructional video on how to use the ISFMD system is available by clicking on the photo.