Insights Newsletter July 2022


Did you know VideoRay offers in-person, virtual, instructor-led and self-paced training? 

In-person training can be delivered on-site for large groups, or in Open Enrollment courses for individuals or small groups (usually 3 or fewer). 

On-site classes are delivered at the location of your choice and for any number of participants. On-site course topics can be customized to be aligned with your application needs and knowledge and skill level of your operators. 

Open enrollment classes covering several standardized topics are offered on a regularly scheduled basis in several locations, and registration is open to any person or group. 

VideoRay also offers both instructor-led and self-paced virtual training for those who prefer not to travel. For instructor-led virtual training contact us to arrange the details. 

Self-paced virtual training is offered through the VideoRay Training Library and includes a series of Virtual Training Lessons about VideoRay ROV systems and related products. The Library also includes Knowledge Requirements and Skill Competencies and Curricula to guide you through the learning experience. 

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Virtual VideoRay Insights Presentation Series

July 21, 2022

Tunnel Vision during Underwater ROV Inspections 

10am – 10:30am EDT

Kevin Tomanka, EIVA

Tunnel inspections are one of the more challenging types of underwater survey, and for several reasons: the length and shape of the tunnel, murky water, and zero visibility.  Each factor presents a unique challenge to the ROV, which often puts demands and restrictions on the hardware and software. In response to this, ROV operators are turning to customizable setups with NaviSuite Mobula Pro + Processing (VideoRay), a versatile software to overcome these difficult conditions. 

It’s All about the Data – Recording, Integration and Deliverables 

10:30am – 11:00am EDT

Tom Glebas, VideoRay

Many ROV projects depend on data from other sources, for example, a list of target coordinates, or the goal is to collect data and create reports.  This presentation will discuss the data collection related features and capabilities of Mission Specialist systems and present some auxiliary tools that make repetitive data collection and reporting tasks easier. 

Future Insights Presentation Events

August 18, 2022 

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Methods Primer 

Non-destructive testing has been around for decades and has been used by divers and ROVs for underwater inspections.  This primer will provide information about the features and capabilities of various systems including Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, CP Probes and multi-sensor Sondes.  Does your next project involve NDT? 

Presenter:  TBD 

SAT2Chart – A Map Is Worth 1000 Coordinates

Driving an unfamiliar route to a destination? Then you’ll probably use a map application that has an overhead view of your location, destination and route. So why not have the same ability with your ROV?  


Enter SAT2chart. 

SAT2Chart is a free program that converts map data to .KAP files. Once converted, these files can be imported into Greensea by simply dragging the file into the map display and… Voilà! An overhead image of the selected area will appear. However, these files don’t generate themselves. There are a few steps to follow when creating charts and, if you’ve been out of the “Insights” loop, our one and only Arely Hernandez gave a presentation specifically on creating charts and can be seen [here]. Full instructions on installing and creating charts can be viewed [here].

Greensea Playback + OBS

Let’s imagine a scenario where you just finished a mission AND you remembered to press the record button *applause*.  The customer and your supervisor now need to see all the data you collected from your mission. Thankfully, Greensea has the Playback feature which replays your mission in the Greensea interface exactly as it was when you originally performed the mission. However, there may be problems with delivering the playback. For instance, the customer and your supervisor may be thousands of miles away and they don’t have access to Playback. At this point, you’d probably throw in the towel especially if you weren’t subscribed to VideoRay’s Insights newsletter but thankfully that isn’t the case.  

The best solution is to use OBS to screen capture the Greensea playback.  Our installation and instructions for using OBS can be found in our “Wet Paint” section of our Library. Once recorded, save the .mp4 on a flash drive and upload it to your personal computer so you can send the video in a email or share in the cloud. Below is a link on how to install and use OBS.

OBS Installation and Use

Operator Tip of the Month – Lessons from the field

Who Is Minding the Tether? 

Boat propellers are hungry and ready to devour your tether when you’re not looking… 

Technician Tip of the Month – Lessons from the shop

Hidden Cracks

Axial cracks along a propeller hub can result in control problems, but be hard to spot and easily misdiagnosed.

FAQ of the Month – Be “in the know”

Q:  Why does my ROV’s DVL (Doppler Velocity Log) lose its lock? 

A:  First, the DVL has a minimum (0.2m / 8in) and maximum range (75m / 250ft).  While you might get a lock outside of this range in some conditions, generally these are the limits.  The DVL also requires a clear line of site for at least 3 of the 4 beams.  If beams are blocked by a cable on the ROV or you are close to a pier wall, the DVL may not maintain a lock.  Another common source of problems is bubbles on the transducers or in the water below the DVL.  Bubbles can form from the propellers creating cavitation on the surface or natural causes.  If cavitation is the source, you can change the ROV’s depth and quickly yaw the vehicle, to shake any bubbles free.  Bottom conditions can also lead to unstable DVL performance, particularly when the bottom has plant growth which can interfere with a good acoustic return.  Of course, a problem with the system can also cause DVL problems. 

If you suspect a hardware or software problem, contact support@videoray.com for assistance. 

ROV tooling. Doppler velocity log.

Survey Question of the Month – Be counted

What does your ROV crew look like?

Product of the Month – Be informed

Laser Scaling Tool

The Laser Scaling Tool projects two parallel laser beams a fixed distance apart.  The projection of these points onto objects in your video can be used to scale the size of object.

Laser Scaling Tool with two parallel laser beams.

Quote of the Month – Be amused

“Are you sure the boat is in neutral?”  


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Photo of the Month – Be inspired

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Power cleaning an aquaculture pipe cage frame late into the night.
Photo by Tom Glebas, VideoRay

Last month’s photo caption winner

“It’s okay.  I’m sure it’s still watertight.” – Anonymous

Underwater IED Disruptor Test Result

Photo by Tom Glebas, VideoRay

VideoRay Training

In-person classes are being offered in Key Largo, FL and at VideoRay’s San Diego, CA office.

On-site classes are also available.

Live virtual classes are now being offered…  anywhere you want.

Self-paced virtual training lessons can be found in VideoRay’s Training Library any time you want. Virtual Training Library

Email training@videoray.com or call 610-458-3000 and ask to speak to the Training Administrator for more information about              in-person classes.

Upcoming Classes

  • Pro 4 Basic Operator, San Diego, CA, July 26-27, with additional Sonar Day, July 28, 2022
  • Mission Specialist Basic Operator, San Diego, CA, August 22-25, 2022
  • Pro 4 Basic Operator, Key Largo, FL, September 13-14, with additional Sonar Day, September 15, 2022
  • Mission Specialist Basic Operator, San Diego, CA, September 26-29, 2022
  • Pro 4 Advanced Maintenance, Pottstown, PA, October 6-7, 2022
  • Tether Termination, Pottstown, PA, October 10, 2022
  • Mission Specialist Advanced Maintenance, Pottstown, PA, October 11-13, 2022
  • Pro 5 Basic Operator, Key Largo, FL, October 18-20, 2022
  • Pro 4 Basic Operator, San Diego, CA, October 25-26, with additional Sonar Day, October 27, 2022
  • Mission Specialist Basic Operator, San Diego, November 14-17, 2022
  • Pro 4 Basic Operator, Key Largo, FL, November 15-16, with additional Sonar Day, November 17, 2022


See more class dates and register online 

Meet VideoRay at these Upcoming Events

  • HYDROVISION International, July 12-14, 2022, Denver, CO, Booth 1040
  • DEMA Show 2022, Nov 1-4, 2022, Orlando, FL

Dealer Spotlight

As a certified Dealer and Service Center, Proceanic has been able to support VideoRay customers all over the world. Most recently, Proceanic Malaysia has allowed us to provide support and complete a repair for the Philippine Coast Guard, providing both a timely and cost-effective repair.

Proceanic is a full-service, Engineering, Project Management, and Underwater ROV Inspection Company, providing innovative and proven technical services to the Offshore and Maritime Industries.

Engineering and ROV teams are readily deployable to any international destination, positioning Proceanic to effectively support clients and projects globally.

Established in 2002, the Proceanic group of companies has grown into a reliable international service provider. Proceanic is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and conducts operations in Singapore, Brazil and Malaysia, Nigeria, Indonesia, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Learn more about Proceanic at: www.proceanic.com

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