Insights Newsletter April 2022

Greetings! This month, we’re recruiting presenters and presentations for future Insights events from you, our customers. Topics can be anything ROV related. As the expert on your topic, the requirements are quite simple – presentations are virtual, so they can be done from anywhere and are limited to 1/2 hour including time for questions so preparation should not be too extensive. Delivering a presentation is a great way to give back to the community. Send your presentation ideas to: insights@videoray.com

Presenters receive a VideoRay logo jacket as a token of our appreciation.

Virtual VideoRay Insights Presentation Series

10:00 – 10:30 AM EST • Jeff Orlowski, VideoRay 

VideoRay is pleased to announce the release of the VersaRay!  The VersaRay uses the modular architecture of the Mission Specialist product line and can be characterized by Payload, Power and Depth.  The open frame design lends itself to a virtually unlimited number of accessory configurations.  Starting configurations include 8 thrusters and can be expanded from there.  As with all Mission Specialist modules, depth rating is 2 km.  This presentation will cover these capabilities in more detail and many other platform specific features.  The VersaRay is a great complement to the Defender and Pro 5.

First Look – The VideoRay Mission Specialist VersaRay

Future Insights Events

April 21, 2022:
• Pipeline Leak Investigation in Challenging Conditions
• Deep Dives – A Panel Discussion

June 16, 2022:
• Optimizing Your Sonar Image Quality – Presented by Tom Glebas, VideoRay
May 19, 2022:
• Mastering Autonomous Control – Using Jog Commands and Waypoints

Know Your Knots

Cords and knots can come in handy for ROV projects.  One knot that’s good to know how to tie is the Prusik Knot.  This knot is easy to tie around a line (like the tether) and convenient feature is that it can slide up or down the tether as you pay it in or out and then hold when you want it to. 

Start with a cord about 1/2  to 1 meter long and make it into a loop using a square or fisherman’s knot.  Lay this loop perpendicular under tether.  Take one end of the loop, lift it over the tether, and position it through the other loop and then back under the tether.  Repeat this two more times and then pull the loop to tighten up the knot on the tether.  When the loop is pulled along the direction of the tether it will seize and hold its position.  To slide the knot, simple release tension on the loop and slide the knot along the tether as desired. 

Retrieval Snare

Scott Krelle, retired Sheriff and long time VideoRay user, was looking for an easier way to retrieve submerged objects and came up with this retrieval snare.  It can be mounted in the manipulatorwith custom design for each type of manipulator to ensure a secure grip.  It is designed to be positioned over a protrusion of the object and self-tightens when thROV is backed away.  It features a self-resetting loop if it slips off while tightening and if it gets hung up, the snare can be released by opening the manipulator so the ROV is not trapped as well. For more information email insights@videoray.com