VideoRay has released new Splashproof Controllers for MISSION SPECIALIST systems. The two new splashproof controllers are available for surface power (Workhorse) and vehicle power (Expeditionary) operations. The new controllers are ideal for wind farm installation and inspection, for example, when working in an exposed environment.

VideoRay’s Mission Specialist Expeditionary Controller is a tablet-based controller with an ergonomic interface optimized for tight workspaces. The Controller can be handheld, extending the operator’s mobility.

The Mission Specialist Workhorse Splashproof Controller follows VideoRay’s traditional control console form factor. This Controller uses the Mission Specialist Expeditionary Controller – the tablet mounts as the display and is used with VideoRay’s sealed hand controller. The Workhorse Splashproof Controller converts surface power and transmits it to the submersible for continuous operation.

One of the critical benefits of the new Splashproof Controllers is that they are backward compatible and work with every MISSION SPECIALIST System that VideoRay has sold. Any vehicle can work with any of these new control or power options regardless of installed sensors or accessories. This flexibility allows existing assets to be used in two new configurations. In Expeditionary mode, the system is configured to minimize the ROV operational footprint. In Workhorse mode, the system is configured to maximize the power of the ROV system. These new features not only demonstrate the continuous improvement that VideoRay users rely on, particularly with our MISSION SPECIALIST series, but also the protection of their investment in our company and solutions.